: going beyond reasonable or predictable limits : of exceptional quality

: of a favorable character : commercially sound : that [which] can be relied on : deserving of respect

: computer programs

: commercially sound computer programs of exceptional quality and favorable character which can be relied upon going beyond reasonable or predictable limits and deserving of respect


Who We Are ....

Wicked Good Software (WGS) is a dynamic organization dedicated to offering a powerful suite of web and mobile based administrative solutions to different verticals. With offices in Northern America and Southeast Asia, we have grown from our humble beginnings to be a global leader in software development and Services targeting industries ranging from Education on one end of the spectrum to Retail on the other. We pride ourselves in building simple, easy-use, and practical software applications and systems. Our dedicated staff draws on over 25 years of industry experience, and our customers enjoy direct access to our superior team of technical support specialists. In addition we also help in implementation, customized training, system management, hosting and off-site backups.

What We Do ....

Wick'dGoodTM is the latest offering from WGS, designed to be an unbiased easy way to find What you want, Where you want and When you want. Built from the ground up to be mobile specific, Wick'dGood offers a comprehensive mobile mashup and notification platform to a variety of industries. The app is designed to be as beneficial to end users as they are to establishment vendors. Using data from multiple sources, users will easily be able to locate whatever they need, around a specific location right at their finger-tips without having to open multiple applications.

By utilizing a variety of Geo-location technologies, the intuitive interface lets users easily find what they are looking for, be it Restaurants, Cafes, Shopping malls, Theaters, Stadiums, or even a local plumber. Once users find an establishment, the app aggregates and displays information like, Maps/Directions, Reviews, Pictures, Promotions, Posts and any other relevant information about that establishment. Users can also choose to "Follow" or mark as "Favorite" establishment they frequent so that information about them is instantly accessible.

The establishments themselves can use to app and control the content that the users can see about them. This includes but not limited to Pictures, Promotions, Posts, Feeds from other sources, and finally be able to notify users who follow them about upcoming promotions. For example, a local restaurant can push the daily specials to its regular customers who follow them or a local grocery store can publish its sale items or even have a School be able to send a Notification about school closures etc.

'We are REALLY wickedgood!'